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Not Sure How We Get Your Hands And Boots So Clean?

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Neotech Devices Private Limited is a speciality organization focussed on bringing world class products to India in the field of healthcare. We are committed to provide best in the class devices to Indian healthcare partners to improve patient outcomes and contribute towards our ideology of contribution to country’s healthy future.
Experts with unparalleled experience


Neotech is founded by experts with unparalleled experience and expertise in the field of strategy,marketing, distribution and supply chain of unique products in healthcare system. We bring together the experience of more than 2 decades in the field and are considered to be amongst the best when it comes to the field of hospital related solution providers.

The field of inventing solutions


We have partnered with leaders likes Meritech in the field of inventing solutions in the field of hospital infection control and patient management including hand hygiene devices, infection control products, ICU patient management and also disposable devices. The products and devices are aimed at providing breakthrough products and devices to healthcare professionals and ensure predictable and non-subjective practices for patient benefits.

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